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The Anzac class is a ship class of ten frigates; eight operated by the Royal Australian Navy .. use a Combined Diesel or Gas (CODOG) propulsion machinery layout, with a single, 30,horsepower (22, kW) General Electric LM

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The Adelaide class is a ship class of six guided missile frigates constructed in Australia and the United States of America for service in the Royal Australian Navy.

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The first frigate for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), HMAS Anzac, was FFH , 4 October , Commander Simon Howard Anzac Class frigate construction and development . Weight: pounds ( kilograms).

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HMAS Perth (FFH ) Anzac Class frigate of the Autralian Navy. . one GE LM 2, gas turbine rated at 33,hp with a power turbine speed of 3,rpm;.

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anzac class frigate ffh royal australian navy ffh hmas essm harpoon ssm sam missile sea 1 x General Electric LM gas turbine ( hp / kW).

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the Navy's ANZAC Class frigates from the increasing threat of anti-ship cruise missiles. in the important criteria of weight, cost, capability and overall value for money. Both CEA and the Howard Government have committed significant.

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The FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigates make for a fascinating defense modern ANZAC Class frigates, which are undergoing upgrades of their own was the sole US production version, with an extra 8 feet of length that let it .. Party] Howard government was responsible for the upgrade contract.

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CO HMAS Parramatta, CMDR Simon Howard, CSC, RAN keeps an eye the equipment and systems in the Adelaide and Anzac class frigates.

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The ANZAC Ship Alliance is a virtual enterprise formed by 3 major partners with the The ANZAC class frigate is a warship designed for the characteristics of.

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a national security adviser to the Howard and Abbott governments. of an Anzac class frigate at the major defence conference in Sydney.