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In a news that is sure to break the hearts of millions of fans of the Batman franchise, Hollywood actor Christian Bale, who played Batman in.

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Christian Bale believes he failed to nail his turn as Batman in Christopher Nolan's celebrated Dark Knight trilogy. Interviewed by Yahoo! Movies.

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—Christian Bale on to Yuma. After Batman Begins, Bale returned to appearing in independent films.

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Batman: The Animated Series' Kevin Conroy slammed Bale's growl, but it was an extreme Christopher Nolan needed to pull off the character.

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Some Batman fans (and critics) never thought Ben Affleck could fill Christian Bale's shoes, following the commercial and critical success of "The Dark Knight".

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For seven years, Christian Bale was the world's Batman. His scowling face, his growling voice, and his ice-cold demeanor have defined the.

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From American Psycho to Batman Begins to Vice, Christian Bale is a bonafide A- list star. But he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way. So what were.

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There's a lot of news surrounding the role of Batman lately, but it wasn't that long ago that Christian Bale was the only Bruce Wayne that people.

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As Christian Bale remembers it, Trump spoke to him as if the actor actor had already starred as Bruce Wayne/Batman in both of Nolan's prior.

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While filming a Batman scene in Trump Tower, Christian Bale got the chance to meet Donald Trump. “We were filming on Batman in Trump.