my potrait

I am Mika. Some may say somewhat a unique name! I kind of agree. To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t met anyone with the same name, at least where I am from.

Anyways, welcome to my personal blog where I share my pretty much everything. I consider this blog of mine to be my online diary for the world to see! Why you may ask? Quite simple – it is because I love to write and I love to share. I believe that one’s life experience may be some one else’s saviour. I mean, life is all about learning, isn’t it? So by sharing our experiences together, wouldn’t it make the learning curve a lot easier? So here I am. And my blog is born.

Like I’ve mentioned above, I love to share my personal experiences and thoughts. But there are some things that I may not share, for the fact that it is way too personal for the world to know. so I hope you understand. Apart from that, I’d love for you to follow what I have to write on this blog of mine.

A quick run down about me: I was born in 1978 (yes I know that my photo above shows a much younger me!) and grew up with my grandmother. Maybe someday I will share a story about my parents.