Why skip bins are my friend!

Now there’s an intriguing post title. “Why skip bins are my friend!” Many of you will probably be scratching your head wondering what the hell am I talking about. Easy easy. Rest assured I will be telling you why. In fact, I’d gladly write a few paragraphs about it. Just thank me later yeah? LOL.

Now, ever since I was little – I loved keeping things tidy. It all came from my mum. You can call her someone who is a “clean freak” to put it nicely. She used to keep our house spotless. Not a dust in sight. If it was, she’d say to us that the place needs a cleanup. Now there’s two side of this obsession. 1) The place stays immaculate (which dad absolutely loves) and 2) It made mum (and the rest of us) tired from the overkill of constantly cleaning the place up. As you would probably guessed, this is where the skip bins come in. Well, there’s more to the story than let say meets the eye. But just let me summarise it for the sake of this post not turning into a freakin’ 1000 words content killer!

Here goes… Dad works as a garbage collector in his early days in suburbian Sydney. As much as the job may make some people puke, he was proud of the fact. He went on to fulfill his duties like a hard working Australian citizen did. Whilst working he met someone by the name of Mark. Mark also worked as a rubbish collector for many years. Long story short, Mark moved over to Perth not long after they became friends. Dad always use to tell me stories about how hard working Mark was. How he respected the man’s work ethics. He said Mark was also a top bloke. So I guess, perhaps Dad is missing him.

Fast forward a few years later. we found out that Mark runs his own rubbish collection business over in Perth. His brand was Wizz Binz. He still own and operate this skip bin hire business, check out his website at WizzBinz.com.au if you like. If you live in Perth I would seriously contact him of you’re after a skip bin or two. He’s got a variety of skip bins of various sizes. I am sure he’ll have one that will suit your needs. Oh yeah, his bins are bright orange and if you ask me, it looks awesome. A lot better than the other bins you sometime see around Perth. Check out a pic of his bright orange bin below:

wizz binz skip bin

So why does Mark has got to do with me moving to Perth? Well like I said in my previous post, prior to me moving to Perth; I had a close friend who lives there. As much as I love my friends, I was also close to family. They are everything to me. So when I told that about me wanting to Perth, the decision was easy. Why? Because Mark lives there! I guess you can call it fate?

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