Here’s a post about my favourite book

Today I want to write about my favorite book, Magic or Not by Edward Eager. I first read this book when I was nine years old and I’ve read it every year since then! Well, I’m 14 now, so that means I’ve read this book like 5 times and I know it very well, but it never gets old for me.

This book is a classic and it’s about four friends who discover a magic wishing well and use it to make their summer the best one ever. But there’s an overarching mystery to the plot that makes the reader doubt, was everything that really happened magic or was it not? At the end of the book, they gain a new friend and find out the secret of an old abandoned house, and while it’s never clear whether what was going in is really magic (it is implied that a neighbor helped them out from afar, spoilers!) it doesn’t really matter because they had fun and learned to make friends, and changed things in the small town that they lived in.

And that’s why I really liked this book. It leaves the mystery right where it’s supposed to be and focuses on the four main characters. They all behave in relatable ways, and will easily remind you of yourself or your friends. The language Edward Eager uses is a lot of fun to read, a style similar to JM Barrie or Ursula le Guin. And the plot is paced in an enjoyable fashion that slowly guides the readers into a grand adventure, even if the characters are doing something very simple like joining an art contest or rowing a boat.

When my cousins are growing up and looking for good books to read, I always lend them my copy of Magic or Not– the epitome of a perfect summer friendship adventure!